US National Land Trust Company

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U.S. National Land Trust Company
A New Alternative To Short Sale

US National Land Trust is an investment entity that buys and sells real estate below market value. Primarily our focus is on foreclosed properties to capture immediate profits and bring instant equity to a real estate investment. We do this through multiple opportunities but with emphasis on auctions held online and/or at the steps of the county courthouse. Discounts and profit will depend upon the nature and timing of the purchase which is where our expertise in research and bidding have the advantage. As bidders, we are prepared to thoroughly investigate the condition of the properties prior to the auction, and monitor the properties right up to the time the gavel falls and the bid is won. Once the property is acquired, our property management company will oversee and make certain that all necessary repairs or improvements are made. After final inspection the property then goes back out into the market (MLS), to be sold or rented for the return profit. On to the next..

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